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This summit will provide a unique platform to showcase “Virginia’s Leadership in Autonomous Systems Technology” and highlight best practices, new business models and technology transfers that have a national impact. The Summit will focus on the various economic ecosystems for autonomous technology and systems in Virginia, while also attracting stakeholders from across North America to share opportunities to leverage Virginia’s expertise and innovations. The Summit will also be a platform to launch a campaign that garners press and media opportunities that promote Virginia, NVTC and member companies, along with sponsors to wider audience.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Promote, showcase and brand Virginia’s leadership in autonomous and unmanned technology/systems
  2. Highlight the companies, associations, individuals and government regulators who are making an impact and creating positive change
  3. Connect and engage news/media/stakeholders with resources, companies and individuals using the Summit as a platform
  4. Facilitate new partnerships/investment/revenue opportunities both regionally and nationally through discussions and networking forums


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